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  TOPGUARD – Business Solution for Guarding Companies  
Period: September 2001 – October 2003
Customer: Securiton General Control Systems GmbH
Group 4 Technology Ltd. (UK)
Project members
of inka software:
Alfred Kovacs
Abstract: A business solution for middle and large guarding companies was developed in a team of 5-6 developers. The solution comprises among other things:
  • Customer administration
  • Contact administration
  • Contracts
  • Patrol planning / scheduling
  • Calendar
  • Asset management (Cars, mobile data acquisition units,…)
  • Communication with mobile data acquisition units
  • Extensive report management
To support various devices (Windows Smart Client, Web Browser, PDA's, …) a multi layer architecture has been implemented:
  • Database layer (MS SQL Server 2000)
  • DAL (Data Access Layer)
  • BLL(Business Logic Layer)
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) – Windows Smart Client
  • ASP.NET Web Client (Prototype)
COM (Component Object Model) was used for the communication between the different layers.
  • MS SQL Server 2000 (MSDE)
  • COM – Component Object Model
  • Visual Basic
  • T-SQL
  • C++ (copy protection
  • Install Shield for setup program
  • HTML, XSLT, CSS in reports
Remarks: Beside the consulting for the software architecture and interface definition the following responsibilities has been taken:
  • Design and implementation of the Win32 Smart Clients.
    A similar “Outlook” surface was developed, which allows the dynamical download of modules and each module can define its own menus and tool bars.
  • Reporting system
    Reports are generated with the cooperation of XSLT and CSS based on XML data from the BLL. The layout of the reports can be widely adapted by the users.
  • Technical project management
    The technical project management has been assigned to inka software in the last year.
Project status: The application is offered by the client as standard software in three different stages of expansions.
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