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Inventory tracking
  Requirement analysis for inventory tracking system  
Period: May/June 2001
Customer: Securiton General Control Systems GmbH.
Project employees
of inka software:
Alfred Kovacs
Abstract: Requirement analysis for the development of a simple inventory tracking and administration system using the customers data acquisition unit „GCS Opto Escorte“.
Approach: According the „Unified Development Process“ the system has been divided into „Use Cases“. Each „Use Case“ has been described exactly to find out the over-all complexity of the system.

  • Identification of „Use Cases“ and „Actors“
  • Creating the „Use Case Diagrams“
  • Briefly description of the „Use Cases“
  • Coordination and review of the outstanding issues with the customer
  • Detailed description of the „Use Cases“ and, if helpful, development of prototypes
  • Creating the ER diagram respectively the database model
  • Approve of the documents by the client
Used technologies:
  • Visio for UML diagrams
  • Visual Basic for GUI prototypes
Project status: The project has been approved by the customer.
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