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Period: October - December 2004
Customer: Ingenieurb├╝ro kaltesklareswasser - Dr. Stefan Lindtner
Project member
of inka software:
Sabine Kovacs, Alfred Kovacs
Abstract: Together with the client a concept for the internet presence has been worked out. Subsequently several designs has been presented to the client
The following content has been realized as HTML pages.
  • Presentation of the company
  • Services of k2W
  • The k2W Team
  • References (projects and publications)
  • Contact info
  • Links
Used technologies:
  • HTML, CSS (page layout)
  • Adobe Photoshop (design, graphics)
  • Visual Studio .NET (HTML)
  • JavaScript (menus, news, publications)
Project status: The project has been approved by the client and was published at www.k2W.at
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